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This is important because today’s most successful attacks are sophisticated, multi-vector attacks that target weakness across an organization’s IT ecosystem. Check Point Software is a leading cloud security company (they are Microsoft’s #1 security partner) because their feature-rich, scalable products streamline the process of protecting the entire perimeter. Check Point’s CloudGuard and Harmony Suites offer comprehensive protection and complete coverage across all cloud environments. Increased Security effectiveness is an added value with the wide coverage and multiple security controls throughout the cloud. At the same time as their move to the cloud, many companies are reimagining their security infrastructure as well by adopting Secure Access Service Edge . In the new era, the ability to allow employees to work from anywhere and securely access all relevant corporate resources is of paramount importance.

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Its cloud security products include cloud workload protection, data security, and cloud access security broker. It gives security teams an automated, unified platform for managing cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, servers, container applications, and workloads. The company also offers a range of network security solutions to extend that protection. Fidelis is capable of meeting broad security needs, but container and PaaS security are standout features. Check Point Software Technologies is a cloud security company that protects cloud assets and provides comprehensive security for the entire cloud infrastructure.

Choosing the Right Cloud Security Vendor

Cloud workload protection technologies work with both cloud infrastructure as well as virtual machines, providing monitoring and threat prevention features. Founded with the cloud in mind and assisting organizations with their transition to the cloud, Hybrid Pathways has continued to focus on providing value to organizations through adding security services. With the focus on designing and building secure architecture, Hybrid Pathways looks to build a repeatable process for their customers.

cloud security vendors

Many financial services institutions are enforcing the use of cloud-security systems for payment. Cloud-based security technology offers benefits, such as greater flexibility, security, data integration, and scalability. Also, compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is crucial for payment systems and cloud security solutions to comply with the PCI DSS compliance. In 2019, Instagram’s user data was breached, which exposed the sensitive personal data of at least 49 million users. Such instances are a wake-up call for social media platforms to invest in robust cloud security services to avoid security mishaps in the future.

Market Size Estimation

Trend Micro is a cybersecurity company that provides advanced cloud security solutions. Its cloud security platform provides security and compliance solutions for AWS and Google Cloud environments. Trend Micro is one of the most reliable cybersecurity companies that offer advanced cloud security solutions.

According to Insight Partners, the global market for cloud security could grow from $48.57 billion in 2022 to $116.25 billion in 2028. Companies moved en masse to the cloud during the pandemic, under pressure to digitally transform. According to a 2021 survey from O’Reilly, cloud adoption steadily rose across industries, with 90% of organizations using cloud computing compared to 88% in 2020. Below are 18 companies that are all about enhancing cybersecurity for the cloud. Data Loss Prevention — Implement a cloud DLP solution to protect data from unauthorized access and automatically disable access and transport of data when suspicious activity is detected.


It could be to harden their environment, perform penetration testing, complete a security assessment, or assist with architecture design. According to CIO Insight, one of the biggest factors impacting growth for the top cloud security companies is COVID-19, which has led to a significant increase in remote work that is largely done via cloud infrastructure. With the cloud-managed services sector projected to reach US$139.4 billion by 2026, here’s a look at the 10 top cloud security companies. Jonathan writes about cloud, data center and their ecosystem of solutions and tools.

  • It has become essential to protect the cloud environment from ransomware, cyber-attacks, and data breaches.
  • Its ransomware protection add-on service is designed to detect live ransomware attacks while minimizing false positives, as well as provide email alerts and notifications to keep users informed of malicious file activity.
  • To help, we’ve analyzed a range of cybersecurity vendors and services to arrive at this list of the best cloud security companies for threat protection, data security, identity management services, and more.
  • Forcepoint is a subsidiary of Raytheon, one of the largest defense manufacturers on the planet.
  • While Microsoft may have the most mature approach to providing services, having a fully formed consulting service business unit, they all offer something.

Software-as-a-Service cloud services provide clients access to applications that are purely hosted and run on the provider’s servers. Providers manage the applications, data, runtime, middleware, and operating system. SaaS examples include Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, security companies list Microsoft 365, Cisco WebEx, Evernote. Cloud providers host services on their servers through always-on internet connections. Since their business relies on customer trust, cloud security methods are used to keep client data private and safely stored.

Top Rated Cloud Computing Security Products

Aside from choosing a security-conscious provider, clients must focus mostly on proper service configuration and safe use habits. Additionally, clients should be sure that any end-user hardware and networks are properly secured. Oracle also offers consulting and support services to help businesses get started with these technologies. Oracle’s products are designed to work with a variety of cloud providers, making it easy for businesses to implement their solutions. Enterprise Application Access and Enterprise Threat Protector function much the same way as the centralized consoles of other cloud security companies.

cloud security vendors

Its suite of security solutions includes application security, network security, and endpoint security. As more companies increasingly rely on the cloud, there is a growing need for comprehensive cloud security. That’s where Check Point comes in – the company provides cloud-native security solutions that are specifically designed to address key cloud security challenges. In addition to protecting cloud assets, Check Point’s solutions also provide cloud governance features and help ensure compliance with industry regulations. Whether it’s a hybrid cloud or a purely cloud-native infrastructure, Check Point has the expertise to provide effective security solutions that keep organizations protected from cyber threats.

Trend Micro: Best for Hybrid Cloud Security

Being aware of the scope of your security duties will help the entire system stay much safer. In the 1990s, business and personal data lived locally — and security was local as well. Data would be located on a PC’s internal storage at home, and on enterprise servers, if you worked for a company. Risks of cloud-based infrastructure including incompatible legacy IT frameworks, and third-party data storage service disruptions.

cloud security vendors

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