Less than Sick reveal to you the entire opinion you to definitely mythology, religion, mysticism, and you will esotericism have throughout the for each amount

Less than Sick reveal to you the entire opinion you to definitely mythology, religion, mysticism, and you will esotericism have throughout the for each amount

This is of Quantity

When i above mentioned, the essential pick your own definitions, although it does help know what for each amount form. Often we actually are tuning into the old-fashioned energy, wonders, and you can meaning of for every single number:

Count 0

Zero try representative of your own esencial void, the fresh new uterus, the field of prospective. Zero was a circle one represents totality: that which precedes lives, brand new eternal force. It is absolutely nothing and what you, the start additionally the stop. Zero is frequently symbolic of Spirit otherwise Jesus, thus regarding unity and you can wholeness.


One shows management, strength, and you will trust. No. 1 is like an even arrow and this reflects commitment and you can precision. A person is and reflective out-of character, self-discovery, and you may self-empowerment. In the place of no, that’s women and you can responsive, one has a masculine and you will willful times.

# 2

A couple of ‘s the amount of duality; the brand new split we understand in life ranging from white and you may darkness, inside and outside, yin and you will yang, masculine and you will women, bad and the good, life-and-death, notice and cardiovascular system, and so on. On one side, a few signifies commitment, however, on the other side, they shows argument and you will opposition. When well-balanced, two are many equilibrium, but when unbalanced, the quantity a few might be malicious.

# 3

About three is typically thought to be a particularly fortunate and you may strong number. About three signifies the fresh divine idea you to underlies lifestyle for instance the notice, body, and you can spirit; delivery, life and death; delivery, middle and you will stop; earlier, present and you will upcoming, etc. Spiritual way of life including Wicca and Christianity represent the fresh religious push because a good triune, such as for example, the daddy, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the Maiden, Mother, and you may Crone. About three is symbolic of achievements, intuition, and you can good fortune.

# 4

Four is actually a beneficial rooted and you can stable count you to definitely evokes a feeling out-of calmness and you will solidity. Five is very much indeed rooted in the newest real business which is regarding getting present plus the brand new “today.” Such as for example, you will find five seasons, four factors, and you can four corners of your own earth. Four means strengthening a robust basis and developing an all the way down-to-planet angle.

# 5

Four is a good amount of excitement and you may freedom. Four is additionally a very sexual amount (four senses, five-fingers and you can feet) and its throughout the viewing lifestyle, seeking brand new event, and looking aside pleasure. It count is also associated with sense existence alter (for example relationship, splitting up, the fresh new work) and you will and also make her very important solutions.


Half a dozen stands for an equilibrium amongst the earthly and you can religious areas. Half a dozen is even associated with intuition, clairvoyance, and other extrasensory capabilities (and that the brand new “sixth” sense). Inside numerology, half dozen is the number of the mother; the one who nurtures and you will compassionately caters to someone else.


Seven is actually an awesome matter that is associated with the synchronicity, fortune, and you can brilliance (eight chakras, seven color of your rainbow, one week regarding week, etcetera.). 7 is even recognized as a mystical count which is linked in order to spiritual awakening, introspection, while the growth of expertise. This amount try connected with brand new pursuit of Realities while the curiosity about a deeper comprehension of lifestyle.

No. 8

7 was associated with wealth, success, and financial well-are. Ingenuity, work, devotion, and inner stamina are common attributes away from seven. Spiritually, eight is seen as an equalizer or balancer (and therefore their profile) one to unites the fresh new aware toward unconscious, and you will earthly into religious. To put it differently, seven is reflected from the proverb “you will enjoy that which you sow.”

Number 9

9 is the amount of pleasure. Insights, self-examination, enlightenment, and better understanding are all attributes from the count nine. Nine is also connected to of those higher goal and you may greatest life mission; this count prompts us to take a birds attention view of our lives.

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