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The quick 33% price drop from $599 to $399 may have helped increase demand, but some of the phone’s early adopters were understandably upset. The market-skimming strategy is primarily seen in industries such as technology, where the frequent introduction of innovative products occurs. Whenever a company significantly lowers the price of its products and services; it is because of the competition or any other factor.

INVESTMENT BANKING RESOURCESLearn the foundation of Investment banking, financial modeling, valuations and more. Ultimately, Nike decreases the price of new products after being on the market for a while. Discretionary IncomeDiscretionary income refers to the portion of gross income available after paying taxes, obligate payments like rent, and other essentials like food. It capacitates people to enjoy luxuries of life and has a positive influence in improving the quality of life. Market penetration is a measure of how much a product is being used by customers compared to the total estimated market for that product.

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In addition to being valuable testers, early adopters who love your product can act as brand evangelists that create a perception of quality via word of mouth. This free promotion will persuade new customers to buy the product when the price drops. Price skimming involves initially charging the highest price your market will accept for your product, then lowering it over time. This method targets early adopters and does not target the mass market. Unless you come up with an unmatched innovation, using a skimming strategy in a busy market is most likely to fail. In any industry you need to evaluate customers’ buying power and analyze the competition before setting prices.

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Examples of Price

We explore things like competitive price monitoring, competitor business intelligence, competitive pricing, and counter-intelligence in general. Higher prices tend to draw news and press coverage, helping get more exposure and advertising for the product/service quite easily. The higher price also helps build a better brand image – if it suits the branding and is implemented properly – among consumers. Your product is also least likely to have direct competition immediately following its release.

In some cases, a lower starting price, in the beginning, can also increase customer price sensitivity, making it impossible to raise rates in the future without losing sales. A price skimming strategy means charging the highest price at the beginning of a product’s life cycle, and lowering the price as competitors introduce alternatives. This approach allows companies to recover development and marketing expenses by capitalizing on different market segments.

By entering the market with a low price, businesses aim to attract customers quickly — then gradually raise their price. Many high-profile startups have used this strategy to disrupt industries and become today’s market leaders. You can opt for a premium price if your product or brand has a competitive advantage.

What is Skimming price?

If a firm uses price skimming strategy of its products that already exist in the market, then it won’t work. It’s because customers would expect more features at the same price, they would ask what is it for them to replace the product. There are many price-conscious consumers in the market; the company lowers the price of its product or service to make it readily affordable to them. Once the price of the product is lower, then it would become very difficult for the potential newcomers to enter the market. When the new firm enters the market and the already existing business would crash the market by lowering the price of its products. Price skimming also creates the impression of a high-end product that is a must-have for early adopters.

Remember that — even without competition — you’ll likely hit a limit of people you can feasibly sell to at each price point. Eventually, price skimming dictates you will have to lower your prices, so keep that in mind when making your sales forecasts. This could botch your rollout strategy and limit your revenue during the first wave of pricing. Therefore, it makes sense to use price skimming sparingly, if you anticipate buyers will react this way.

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Let’s look at a few examples of price skimming to get a better understanding. Price bundling is a great tool for providing customers with all the functionality they need to find success with your product or service. Once those features with the highest combined score in customer value and willingness to pay are in that upper bracket, Hubstaff could publicize this as its high-quality/high-price option.

All this points to the product getting outdated and less pricy than before. Or with high discretionary income is well utilized by different industries, mainly technology and fashion, where less-price sensitive customers are prevalent. Such customers are influenced by brand value, technological advancements, high quality, enthusiasm for the latest editions, etc. Therefore, when such companies launch a new product and they charge a high price for it, then it’s justifiable that they have invested a lot.

Difference Between Price Skimming and Prestige Pricing

Afterward, the price skimming examples in india increases the product’s price to its normal price. Skimming price is mostly used for technological products where the product demand is not consistent. The typical product which is launched with a skimming price strategy is unique to the market, has customers who are ready to pay a premium for the product, and is far ahead from the competition.

  • However, if Hubstaff decided to move from freemium to a price-skimming model, it would begin by moving the latest, coolest features of their product to the upper payment tier.
  • Right after the release, your product is likely to have minimal direct counterparts on the market.
  • It determines the law of demand i.e. as the price increases, demand decreases keeping all other things equal.

We’ll explain how it’s different from similar pricing tactics, provide examples, and cover the advantages and disadvantages of penetration pricing. Competitive Pricing- Competitive pricing is setting the price of a product or service based on what the competition is charging. Recently launch Samsung 8+ is the best example of it, giving competition to iPhone X at a relatively cheaper price. Prior to that GalaxyS6 and Galaxy S6 Edge prices were also competitive to iPhone and iPhone 6+. Salesforce was one of the key proponents of the price-skimming philosophy in SaaS.

Needs Inelastic Product Curve

Thus,Samsung provided better features and played cost competition to make its market. Pricing is very crucial for a firm as it ensures that the company communicates to the consumers the value which they attach to the product. This is particular in the cases where consumers use the price set to judge and make a decision on the value of a particular product. As such, pricing is a critical marketing element as it communicates the market and product value of the product being introduced in the firm. The idea behind this is that customers are willing to spend more money on something that they feel is worth it and provides them with value.

While price skimming can be successfully used during the release of new products, it is not applicable to all goods. It should be understood that this is a short-term pricing strategy that cannot maximize profits for years. Another company that uses a price skimming strategy pretty often is Nike. When they introduce a new design to the market, they charge a lot to reap profit from brand fans who don’t mind paying more for an exclusive pair of shoes. As we were able to see, price skimming can be a very useful strategy in theory. However, in reality, many factors should be taken into consideration before deciding in favor of this strategy.

When the seats of an airplane are available, they are priced at lower rates because the demands are also low. But as soon as the days go by and the date of the flight approaches, the prices go drastically up because the demand increases. Thus, this in itself is an example of the reverse skimming price strategy. In general, innovation and technological advantage is a must to get skimming price from customers. Furthermore, due to the high price, the correct positioning is obtained for the product which helps in reaching the right target audience. Remember that premium customers want to be unique and they want products which are status symbols.

Television and Internet providers are notorious for their use of penetration pricing — much to the chagrin of consumers who see massive sudden increases in their bills. Comcast/Xfinity, for example, regularly offers low introductory prices such as free or steeply discounted premium channels and low incremental costs of upgrading. Over the past five years, we estimate the firm has increased Internet access market share in the areas it serves from about 56% to 64%, with share coming nearly entirely from the phone companies. While that share shift may seem modest, it implies that Comcast’s customer base in a given area is now more than 60% larger on average than its rivals’, up from around 20%. Most consumers continue paying the higher bill, but some jump to a new provider offering an introductory rate. Price skimming can be an expensive waste if your product has immediate competition or if your product isn’t appealing to the upper echelons of the market.

It can be an effective way to amass buyers, build goodwill, and stand apart from other market competitors. But it can also lead to noncommittal customers and thin margins as a business is starting out. With geographical pricing, you price your goods and services according to geographical factors such as cost of living, average income, legislation, taxes, and of course, supply and demand. For example, gas stations in a busy urban area are likely to have different prices than similar stations in a rural town.

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And by the time any competition for your product does emerge, you’ll have consolidated your reputation with that initial wave of satisfied customers. At this point, you’ll be in a position to lower your prices to penetrate the lower levels of the market. If you’re entering a heavily saturated market with an undifferentiated product, it’s probably not the wisest idea to come out with a high-priced markup. Essentially, you’re not displaying any competitive advantage or reason for buyers to choose you. Price skimming offers many benefits to your brand, but conversely, it can also harm your brand. Companies that engage in price skimming can come across as greedy, dishonest, or manipulative, reinforcing the notion that price skimming should not be utilized by all companies or for all products.

What’s more, it can also be a direct route to entrenched stability in your market area. Without high quality and brand image, price skimming can impede your progress more than it can help. Incorporate skimming into your pricing strategy only when you have enough repeat buyers to generate dependable word of mouth and assurance that you can’t be easily undercut. Salesforce wasthe first company of its kind to make its CRM available at all times through the cloud. As a result, Apple is perfectly placed to exploit the benefits of price skimming to the fullest.


In the case where your margins are based on the initial sale only, using a pricing strategy that encourages recurring purchases will yield higher profits. This pricing strategy works best if customers have to keep buying from you to continue using your products. Examples of this are shaving products and subscription services like the Dollar Shave Club. Once you buy a razor from a particular brand, the customer will have to keep buying blades and other accessories from you since other brands won’t be compatible.

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Also, price skimming is appropriate when the high price is interpreted as a sign of high quality. This is why it can be combined with the psychological pricing strategy called “prestige pricing”. If you pick too high a price point, or the price reduction comes too late, the customers can turn to a cheaper product. Additionally, if the new product price is much lower than the original price, you can make your loyal customers angry. Curious to know how much your business could earn with a price skimming strategy? Download our free sales pricing calculator to see how much revenue you’ll drive.

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