What is a Typical Day in Drug Rehab Like?

Although these feelings may come in cycles, our recovery team will help you to navigate these feelings so that you don’t give in to the temptation of ending treatment to satisfy them. Our team of caring medical and clinical professionals are ready to help you heal. Overall sleeping arrangements are quite comfortable and rooms are often spacious and well appointed with everything you’ll need for the duration of your stay.

You’ll learn advanced coping skills, work through therapy, and practice sober living in a safe, controlled environment. During inpatient rehab, you will first receive medical treatment to detox your body from the abused substance. When ready, you will receive additional help in the form of psychological and emotional support. A typical day may include individual counseling, group therapy, and educational meetings. Depending on the facility you attend, there will also be opportunities to engage in other physical and recreational activities.

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Behavioral therapy can help you develop tools to work through situations, such as a job or family relationships, that you cannot change. If your assessment during intake led to a co-occurring mental illness, your discharge coordinator may also suggest therapy specific to to your illness. Becoming involved with local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups can help as well. They’ll work with you on a full psychological and cognitive assessment so that your history with addiction is taken into account. This should also help recognize any co-occurring disorders so that they can be accounted for in your treatment.

what to expect in drug rehab

For a person who enjoys a drink or two occasionally, it’s not a big deal to decide they won’t drink alcohol again. However, people who binge drink and develop alcoholism tend to experience various consequences of withdrawal once they abruptly stop drinking alcohol. Are you wondering what’s involved in addiction treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford? Here’s a recap of what happens in rehab, from your admission to an inpatient or outpatient program to your post-treatment plan. After the initial assessment, you’ll go through the detoxification process.

Expectations at Inpatient Treatment

Two of the most common behavioral therapies used in this setting are cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. While discussing your life, your choices, and your substance use can be difficult, remember that accurate information will help the staff develop a program best suited for you and your needs. Even if you https://ecosoberhouse.com/ want to overcome an addiction, you may still be nervous about going to rehab because you don’t know what to expect. Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals. Medical Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research.

what to expect in drug rehab

During the initial phase of entering a substance abuse treatment center, you will begin the intake process which consists of a lot of questions and answers. In some cases, you may be asked to participate in further testing and treatment to handle those issues and any that may be discovered during the intake physical. Some treatment centers provide specialized therapy sessions through the use of specially designed therapy techniques or modalities. Mayflower Recovery in Wilmington, MA has created the premier state-of-the-art detox and inpatient addiction treatment facility in New England. If you or a loved one are suffering from drug and alcohol substance use disorder. Successful inpatient rehab programs often request family members to play an active role in the treatment of their patients.


Explore the key details of a residential drug and alcohol recovery journey using the resources below. For some people, the prospective horror of detox may be preventing how long is drug rehab them for reaching out for help. They may have heard stories and feel apprehensive about the process. However, it is important to address the physical side of addiction.

  • For many who suffer from addiction, entering rehab can be a daunting experience.
  • Treatment enables people to counteract addiction’s disruptive effects on their brain and behavior and regain control of their lives.
  • At Sprout’s inpatient facilities, clients receive 24-hour care and the emotional support of nurturing staff.
  • Reality therapy focuses on what’s happening right now, and what can be done in the future.

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